Chase Log On: A Simple, Effective Way Of Conducting Business

Banking with Chase is a convenient option, in part thanks to their online and mobile based accounts, that allow customers to access highly secured information from the comfort of their cellphone or personal computer.

Below, you will find a brief tutorial on how to use Chase Log On. This is a service that allows you to view statements; check your balances; pay bills and conduct other banking related business. In a few, simple steps you will be able to log on to your Chase account and benefit from all of the virtual services available— which is an invaluable way for you to save time and resources.

Chase Log On: Step 1

In order to log into your Chase account, you must first type the following address into your browser: This will redirect you to a Chase page, where you will find a clearly marked ‘Log On’ area. It’s critical that you type the above address into your search bar correctly, in order to ensure that you are accessing the Chase endorsed, highly secured website exclusively.

Step 2:

In the ‘Log On’ area, you will observe two large boxes. The first box will require your user ID, created for you when you registered for your Chase account. If you cannot remember this, you should check documents given to you when your account was opened, as they will usually contain the ID assigned to you or chosen by you at the time.

Step 3:

The second box located in the ‘Log On’ area will ask you to insert your Password. Similar to the user ID, this password was created when opening your bank account, although if you cannot remember this— you are given the option to reset the password by clicking the link below the box that states ‘Forgot User Id and Password’. This is, of course, also relevant if you have forgotten your User ID and should be used when relevant.

First Time Users

If you have never used Chase online banking before, and cannot find any User ID or password related information on your account documents, then you may have to enroll as a first time user. You can do this by accessing, and by following the instructions clearly outlined on the page.

However, if you are a new or recent customer, you should be able to access your Chase log on service using the 2 steps outlined above— and any information given to you at the time of enrollment. We recommend you follow these closely, in the interest of accurately completing your log on, and accessing the wide range of services offered to you by Chase bank.